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Shannon Bradberry
Position: Reporter

Nickname(s): kannon

Fun Fact: I'm the youngest on staff, and I'm super shy.

Hobbies: Writing & photography

Why I joined journalism and what it means to me: My plan wasn't journalism when I started high school. My english teacher directed me into this path and I'm glad he did because I feel like newspaper is going to be a good opportunity for me. Journalism is something I value because it causes me to look outside of what I'm used to and get different opinions from different people.

Goals on staff and after high school: My goals on staff is to become a better writer and have better skills in group exercises such as collaborating with people I don't usually talk to. After high school I want to attend a four year college in the Bay Area or Southern California. My dream is to become a journalist or a psychologist.

Shannon Bradberry, Reporter

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Shannon Bradberry