Gender Neutral Fashion

As time passes, clothing is becoming less gender-assigned, allowing true expression through bold fashion choices

As the lines between traditional male and female clothing are becoming blurred, conversation about gender-neutral clothing is starting to gain momentum. More and more designers have started to create gender-neutral fashion lines.

Junior Monica Hernandez applauds one of her favorite fashion designers Chelsea Bravo for combining women and men’s clothing.

“I feel like people should wear whatever they want and Chelsea Bravo represents that,” she said. “Combining men and women’s clothing can give people the chance to express themself differently without the set boundaries.”

Hernandez does feel like a lot of fashion lines that are trying to include unisex clothing are more invested in only masculine clothing being worn by both genders. “Females have been wearing masculine clothing for a while, but recently I’ve seen more guys stepping out of their boundaries.”

She feels that brands should not claim to be progressive until expanding all of their horizons. Her predictions are that there will be even more innovation with clothing in the future. Hernandez refers to her own style as neutral. “Clothes don’t have a gender, I just wear whatever I personally feel looks good on me.” Several fashion lines such as Agender and Toogood have also been leading gender-neutral clothing in the fashion industry.

Toogood emerged in 2013 and represents unisex clothing along with strong silhouettes inspired by the sisters Faye and Erica who started the business. In an interview with Leclaireur speaking about their clothing the sisters said, “The audience is ready for it: Is it cut on a man? Is it cut on a woman? It doesn’t really matter. Is that size a man’s size or a woman’s size? It’s irrelevant now. We now know that gender-specific clothing is irrelevant for this generation.”

Junior Micah Antonio agrees with the Toogood brand. He feels people who do decide to dress out of their “gender-standards” should not be harassed for doing so. “It seems like you’re going to get judged no matter what you wear or what style you have,” he said. “So you might as well wear whatever you want.” Antonio describes his own sense of fashion as particularly nice. While it seems that fashion is taking a step in the right direction, there has also been some controversy regarding gender-neutral clothing lines.

Senior Nico Perez has some contradictory comments towards unisex fashion. “I think we should wear things that are specific for our gender role.” Perez feels that gender-neutral clothing could come as confusing to buyers. However, despite the many people who force their opinion on the subject, Perez has no animosity towards the whole clothing experiment. He feels that people should be who they are.

“I’ve seen some celebrities wearing clothes normally worn by the opposite gender and it actually look good. I personally just would not dress femininely,” Perez said. “But I would never put down others who do.”