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NCAA looks to explore athlete compensation

NCAA looks to explore athlete compensation

Nicholas Rosete

May 16, 2019

Earlier this week, it was announced that the NCAA was putting together a team to explore the topic of “athlete compensation”. Though they have already said that this new concept would not necessarily involve the NCAA paying their student-athletes, they are looking to change some of the regulatio...

THOMAS JONES: Inspired by professional athlete

THOMAS JONES: Inspired by professional athlete

Brianna Rodriguez, News Editor

May 15, 2019

11 years ago senior Thomas Jones decided to play baseball after watching Mark Ellis, professional baseball second baseman.  "I wanted to be just like him," he said. He describes Ellis as an electrifying player who was simply fun to watch. "I picked my jersey number, 14, because of him." As his...


Junior Laurenne Dominguez after math after throwing a fiesty pitch

Kenyon Pierce, Reporter

May 10, 2019

KIMBERLY SOM: Hard work pays off

KIMBERLY SOM: Hard work pays off

Angel Vasquez

May 8, 2019

Trying out the sport because she heard about it in her art class, senior Kimberly Som never imagined she'd grow passionate about playing badminton. Som was just a freshman when a senior told her to try out for badminton. She knew the team had a league championship streak for a few years, and she admired...

Sibling rivalry yields on-court success

Senior Gerritt Bod returns the ball after a well struck hit from his opposition.

Shannon Bradberry

May 7, 2019

For these two brothers, there siblings rivalry extends to the tennis court.They both take turns sharing the No. 1 spot for singles play at the varsity level. Gerritt Bod is a senior who took up tennis his freshman year. He has played in previous years with family members at Oak Park to get the ge...

Former Bruin impacts Queens

Junior Laurenne Dominguez practices pitching in preparation for an away game against Edison. The Delta Queens went on to win that game 7-6.

Fine Finau

May 7, 2019

A transfer from Bear Creek, junior Laurenne Dominguez now has playing time on the girls varsity softball team. With pitching being her strength some teammates agree that she is the “star.” Dominguez got familiar with the sport as her dad started coaching her when she was 5. It wasn’t until she ...

TRESTON DESHIELDS: Overcoming doubt to accomplish more

Oleedia Pemble Harris, Opinion Editor

May 1, 2019

Senior Treston Deshields has been playing baseball since he was about 4 years old. Deshields grew up watching baseball and never second guessed about playing. He originally never thought of himself as being a pitcher but when he was assigned that position at 9 even though he doubted himself, he fel...

KASSIDY CHHOUNGSUN: Improving Performance

Shannon Bradberry, Reporter

April 24, 2019

Junior Kassidy ChhoungSun has played tennis her freshman year and thought badminton would be the same thing. When she started, her initial goal was to get better at tennis but she ended up loving badminton more. She thought badminton would be easier than tennis but she was clearly mistaken. “There is ...

TIERRA DAVIS: Turning Olympic dreams into reality

TIERRA DAVIS: Turning Olympic dreams into reality

Nicholas Rosete

April 17, 2019

It is not uncommon to hear of a high school athlete that is a collegiate prospect, as many athletes look to college as a way to continue their athletic careers while pursuing a degree. However, it is much less common for a high school athlete to be deemed as an Olympic prospect. While many could only...

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