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Serina Sieng

Serina Sieng, Reporter

Position: Reporter

Nickname(s): None

Fun Fact: I know morse code

Hobbies: Animator, aquarium enthusiast (I have a ton of baby fish if you want any)

Why I joined journalism and what it means to me: I joined partly because of my friend Angel Vasquez, also because it seemed like a heck ton of fun! But this also is a very important responsibility, and it means so much to me now that i’ve finally joined the team.

Goals on staff and after high school:  I would definitely love to create interesting graphics and stories. I will certainly invest my time getting to know everyone on staff as the best as I can! After high school, I would probably go to delta or any nearby school for a few years to take a lot of art classes, then head over to New York and live with family so I could major in animation.

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Serina Sieng