Disney classics overshadow newer shows

We all have sweet childhood memories that we hold dear to our hearts.

“And you’re watching Disney Channel,” is a phrase that many are familiar with from that time of our lives. One might even immediately picture a Disney star waving a magic wand into the shape of the Disney Channel logo and then saying what show they’re from.

Disney plays a big part of those memories for many of us now. Shows such as “The Proud Family,” “Lizzie Mcguire,” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” hold a place in our hearts. These series help remind us of our childhood.

However, they also make us realize how bad the shows that are aired on Disney are now. Older shows had more time and thought put into them and it made them so much better than what’s broadcasting now. Not only was the content better, but Disney fans were able to watch the stars grow up right before their eyes. In fact, they were able to grow up with them.

Disney Channel had way more variety. Junior Ethan Jones said that he stopped watching the channel because of how poorly they started to make the shows. “Almost all of them are live action now and they aren’t even good, I miss all of the animated series.” However, Jones does like to watch reruns of older shows whenever they’re aired. “When I think about or watch the Disney shows from my childhood I think of the weekends where I would sleep in and not have a care in the world,” Jones said. “Disney used to never fail to keep me engaged and entertained.”

From reality series and great original movies to quality cartoons, Disney was there by your side to comfort you. Senior Alicia Robertson looked forward to every holiday all of the seasonal marathons. “I remember being so excited for all the Halloween spin-offs. Shows like ‘Kim Possible’ and ‘Hannah Montana’ were a part of my childhood,” she said.

The older shows also had episodes that were educational. They talked about things like how to deal with bullying, how to fix problems with friends, and how to deal with the awkwardness that comes with being a teenager. “I learned so many life lessons and was able to relate to shows like ‘That’s so Raven’,” Robertson said. “It seems like they’re not as genuine.”

There happens to be a “That’s So Raven” spin-off called “Raven’s Home” airing on Disney Channel now. It’s about the main characters from the original show, Raven and her best friend Chelsea, but now they’re adults raising children of their own.

The jokes are cheesier, the characters are less relatable, and the acting is visibly staged. Not to mention, the cast is much bigger than the original show, which makes it much harder to track. No matter how bad or good Disney Channel gets, older broadcasts from our childhood will always have a special place in our heart.