Will Hero system work for our high school?

As most of us know, the Hero system is being introduced to the campus for the first year. This may confuse some including myself since the Stagg Bucks idea was introduced just last year. The two ideas do seem to be almost the same, besides one being an electronic point and the other being a wooden token.
Unfortunately, the Stagg Bucks idea failed to prosper because it wasn’t taken very seriously. The small wooden tokens were rarely given out, and no one really used them. Matter of fact, I remember finding one just lying on a table in the cafeteria. Since no one claimed it, I just took it and to this day it sits in the drawer of my desk.
There are many more reasons why the Stagg Bucks didn’t work, but that’s not the point. Instead of focusing on why a past idea didn’t succeed to its potential, I’d rather give tips on how the Hero system can work. Just because one idea didn’t work doesn’t mean a similar one will have the same fate.
Starting out, the Hero system does seem to be doing better than how the Stagg Bucks started out. I actually have a point that was truly earned. The point was a reward of wearing my student ID when an ID check was going on in class.
I’ve also heard that points will be given out for people who attend sports games hosted at Stagg. This will be a great way to reward students for having school spirit as well as boosting attendance.
Giving points to the winners of the occasional lunch games would also be a good idea. Not only would it bring more students involved in the games, but it would also help with the problem of not staying consistent in giving out points. It’s good to stay consistent. It would be disappointing to give out points for the first month or two and then just stop.
Now the subject of what to actually do with these “good deed” points. The store should be advertised more since many students may not know much about it. These announcements could happen at lunch when ASB plays the music. Posters around the campus would also help for people who don’t hang out around the quad.
As far as the store itself, recent observations show that Hero points are going to be available to use at the student store in the future. This is a great idea because more students would rather use them during lunch rather than after school. My only suggestion is that one Hero point is equivalent to one dollar.
For those who would like to stack up on their points, a good reward would also be pretty nice. It doesn’t have to be something big like a brand new car. A gift card to some restaurant would be more than acceptable. Everyone likes to eat.
Of course, there are many other suggestions that I couldn’t come up with. This brings to mind the idea of having a little idea box for students to give their input. It can be anything from a reward suggestion to even an idea on how to make Hero better. With improvement, I’m certain that Hero will truly succeed.