People need to be mindful about what they post

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People need to be mindful about what they post

“Laughter is the best medicine. That’s why I laugh at people with AIDS,” Former Guardians of the Galaxies director James Gunn.

“It’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong.

Social media now catalogues inappropriate comments and stores them forever. People are starting to weaponize these offensive comments. They attempt to get celebrities fired because of their cruelty. For former Guardians of the Galaxies director James Gunn, his past remarks has cost him his job.

Making harsh jokes with obscure sarcasm created his first lines in comedy. Disney’s strict family friendly environment has no need for Gunn’s past mistakes.
It was hard for Gunn to defend himself agaisnt comments about rape and pedophila. In 2008 Gunn was a struggling director trying to make it. His satire gained him attention. Gunn’s early attempt to humor is very disappointing. He should have understood his level of professionalism and been more careful about his actions.

Similarly New York Times journalist Sarah Jeong was caught as well. Before joining the editorial board, people began to attack her because of her political stance. Her online presence caused deep retaliation and backlash from other journalists.
Despite her efforts to explain the reasoning behind her tweets, she lost her credibility. Her reasoning behind the piece was to create attention because of the foolishness of white culture trying to be marginalized.

She was targeted because of her political beliefs. Jeong could have elaborated more on her movement. Jokes and comments that are offensive will have a gruelling effect. It’s important to explain yourself deeper when making a bold statement.

A company does have the right to fire someone if their ideas don’t reflect the company. I understand Disney’s stance on the situation. Individuals should see their past mistakes and learn from them or better yet: Try to never make the mistakes in the first place.

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