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Breast feeding in public shouldn’t be frowned upon

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Breast feeding in public shouldn’t be frowned upon

Breastfeeding is such a precious and tender experience for mothers after they have a baby. Sadly, some people put a negative outlook on the experience.
Numerous people have the mentality that this kind of public act is disturbing. Why is it that a natural form of feeding offends so many people? Mothers don’t display themselves for the public to see but to nurture their babies when they are hungry.
People should realize that having a baby in itself is an already challenging task for new mothers and more so when they are going out of their way in public to feed them.
They shouldn’t be tasked with yet another challenge.
Imagine a tired mom being at a carnival, park, or shopping mall for most of the day. A baby becomes annoyed, fussy, and hungry. To pacify the baby’s cries, the mother does what is compassionate and natural.
These same hypocrites who protest public breastfeeding would also complain if the baby started crying. How do you please people with such a mentality?
Some people may ask why mothers don’t feed their babies formula. Perhaps what most people don’t realize is that breastfeeding is much healthier for a baby. A mother’s milk is more nutritious, helping a baby build a stronger immune system and reducing the risk of a baby becoming lactose intolerant.
Others may argue why mothers don’t tend to their child before going out, but a baby’s needs are always changing. A baby can be calm but later on can become hungry.
This is not to suggest that any public breastfeeding makes sense. No woman is going to feed her child at the workplace. These are places where it is reasonable if people see breastfeeding as odd or unfit. That is not what people are arguing for.
Out of the 50 states, this year Idaho became the last state to adopt a law that protects mothers from a violation that comes with breastfeeding in public.
This makes it the last state to pass the law nationwide. It’s upsetting to think mothers were unprotected before this law.
Before, however, a woman could be charged with indecent exposure or nudity. It’s shocking to know that such a violation applied to nursing mothers who only wanted to feed their baby in peace.
Thankfully the rest of our states have laws that give mothers the right to breastfeed in public.
It is also crucial for them to be aware that such laws exist. Mothers not having the knowledge of them could be taken advantage of by establishments who prohibit it.
Mothers should know that there are laws that protect them so they are able to stand up for themselves when confronted by someone.
No place should tell a mother that they cannot feed their baby because it is too graphic for some people to handle.
Laws, however, cannot force everyone to be decent and not judgmental. Mothers are just asking for a more normalized and compassionate view on public breastfeeding.
Most of the time they cover themselves to not call too much attention. The idea of seeing mothers feeding their babies is not wrong and shouldn’t in any way be a crime.

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Breast feeding in public shouldn’t be frowned upon