Super Bowl commercials take the spotlight

The biggest game of the year is over. But with big games comes big opportunities for companies to advertise their products. Like many others, I only get excited for the Super Bowl because of the commercials that come with it. These advertisements go all out, bringing in the biggest actors to try their best to advertise the product. The commercials, at least for myself, are remembered more than the actual game.

Every year, there’s always one company that’ll be advertised for sure. That certain company is Pepsi since they always sponsor the Super Bowl’s halftime show. At least every five minutes, I would hear some reminder of the halftime show, followed by “brought to you by Pepsi” or “sponsored by Pepsi.”

Speaking of the halftime show, this year’s performance wasn’t all too good. Yes, the choreography of the dancing was okay, but there was just one thing missing. Justin Timberlake is a good singer and performer, but the Super Bowl’s stage was just too big for him. The only moment of the performance I remember is the tribute to Prince.

Now back to the commercials of Super Bowl 52. The ones I look most forward to are the new trailers. One of the first trailers shown, which was for Jurassic World, stood out the most. Before seeing this trailer, the movie wasn’t too exciting for me. Now, I can’t wait to see the movie because of how action-packed the trailer was. The trailers for Black Panther and Avengers: Infinite War were also able to create hype for themselves. Of course, all of the trailers decided to show the best parts of the movie because of how many people were watching the Super Bowl.

The food advertisements were also great. One that sticks to my head is the combined commercial of Doritos and Mountain Dew. Seeing Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman have a mini rap battle to defend each product was hilarious to watch. The M&M commercial also stood out from the rest. This one had the red M&M transform into Danny DeVito after wishing to be human. DeVito was able to nail the personality of the red M&M perfectly.

However, if one commercial had to be crowned the best, we can all agree it was the Tide advertisement. Not only is it unique, it’s also one of the funniest. The commercial started out as another boring car commercial, but then David Harbour started questioning what they were trying to advertise. They changed the scenario and actors a couple times, until Harbour finally revealed it was Tide ad.

Harbour explained that in almost every commercial you see, there are clean clothes in it. Therefore, since Tide is used to make your clothes clean, every type of commercial is a Tide ad. The running joke went on, as random commercials would suddenly turn into Tide ads throughout the whole Super Bowl.

There were many other great commercials that were shown, but these were the best of the best. Once boring commercials were able to be transformed into new exciting ones. I can only wait until next year to watch more of these humorous advertisements.