MATTHEW BROCK: Looking On the Bright Side

Having self confidence does boost your overall performance. When you feel good about yourself and entertain good thoughts, you play better. Junior Matthew Brock believes that your mindset is what determines your status on the baseball field.  

”Baseball is all I know,” Brock said. “I would be so bored without it.” In Brock’s family, baseball is a very big deal. He explained how he learned how to hit a ball before he could even walk. “My father put all of my siblings in baseball,” he said. “My sister wasn’t too fond of it but for me it was a different story.”

His whole life has revolved around the sport. As a child he collected cards, moved his way into various little leagues, and even did travel ball. His most current position is high school ball. “When I started Stagg as a freshman, I was placed on the JV Team.” It was no surprise to him because of his athletic past. He fit in perfectly and enjoyed the experience of playing with older kids.  His skills really shined through during his first two years of baseball, earning him most valuable player.

 “There are good days and bad days,” Brock said. “I try not to be so hard on myself.” Playing at Stagg has taught him how to have more patience. When in the moment, he finds himself getting frustrated with his performance and doubts his skills. “During a practice once, I only his 3 out of 10 balls,” he said. “Now it seems bad because it’s 30% but I always try to realize it’s 30% more of what I didn’t have previously.”

Keeping his mind positive allows him to control situations on the field he nor his teammates are prepared for. When a play goes sideways, Brock is quick on his feet and reassures team members of their core values. “We all try to keep up our energy,” he said. “If i’m in a bad mood I wouldn’t want it to affect our team and the performance.” Remaining calm and positive allows him to enjoy the sport he loves.