Cafeteria under renovation, students left to eat in The Spot

During the past few weeks, we have moved the cafeteria into the spot. Now with only a few weeks of school left it’s interesting to see the library used for numerous things.

This makes it easier for lunch ladies because they don’t have to prepare the food themselves anymore. Now,  everything comes in packages that have been prepared in the kitchen at Franklin high school. “I love it,” Dolores Byrd said. “It’s like a little vacation, all I do is hand out the food.”

She explained how it’s like an assembly line when students come in at lunch. There are still two separate lines, but there are less choices for students to pick from. “The students definitely miss the hot food,” she said. “We really only serve sandwiches and simple foods.”

This new location isn’t a vacation for all staff members though. Now, janitors can be seen scrambling to maintain a clean space for students to eat. “There’s no respect or regard for us,” one janitor said while having to clean up yet another abandoned messy table.

Students aren’t too fond of this inconvenience. One thing that has made a lot of students angry is the lack of space. “It’s really cramped and there’s not a lot of places too sit and eat,” senior Bryan Lopez.

Renovations are rumored to be finished around April or May of next year. But there is no set date as of now.