Emanuel Anderson: Improving Performance

Fall Ball was something sophomore Emanuel Anderson took as an opportunity to improve his play performance for the approaching spring season of baseball.

He started playing baseball with his older brother when he was around 8. Baseball is something that falls into his routine. “I can’t imagine not playing this sport,” He said. “This is probably the only sport I actually liked and stuck with.“

While he was growing up, his mom enrolled him in numerous sports such as; football, basketball, and soccer, all before he stepped foot on a baseball field. “I never was interested in those sports, I wanted to be more independent while on a team,” Henderson said. “Baseball offered everything my eight year old self wanted, and I just loved it.”

Fall ball is something he started with intentions to improve basic skills before the spring season. “I’m really looking forward to spring baseball,” he said. “During fall ball I can really focus on certain positions that I don’t usually play in the regular season.”

Anderson believes that practice makes perfect and excessive practice will only increase his stamina and performance.

Playing high school baseball was no problem for him because of playing little league. “Most of the players already knew me and helped me,” he said, “They took me under their wing and made the sport more comfortable for me.”

The main struggle he faced with high school baseball was time management. “It was kind of hard to adjust to the schedule.” Anderson couldn’t find the balance of being a student athlete, but with some tutoring he quickly got back on track. Another challenge he faced was his size. “I was really scrawny and short,” he said. “I felt intimidated by some of our competitors.  

Anderson’s plans after high school sadly don’t include baseball. His real dream is to own and manage his own construction business. “It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to baseball but I Know it’s going to help me in the long run.”