No Zeros

A teacher in Florida was fired for not agreeing with the new grading policy her school adopted. The policy is: teachers are not allowed to give zeros to any student. If a student doesn’t turn in their work, they should receive half credit instead of no credit.

Diane Tirado has been a teacher for years. With a new start at a new school, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She explained how teaching was like a calling for her, and to be fired for giving an honest grade is something she is very ashamed of.

Why should they give zeros to students who do not work? If a student isn’t participating, they should be graded accordingly. They have been given the same opportunity to pass as everybody else but they get to do nothing.

Students will most definitely take advantage of this new policy and never do any work. How do they expect students to learn if they know they won’t have to do any assignments and still get half credit?

They won’t even bother paying attention or actually trying in school, especially a majority of seniors. Senioritis is something every senior encounters one way or another. With a guarantee to pass, basically a free card, they won’t put any extra effort do earn their diploma.

The teacher shouldn’t have been fired. She felt the student didn’t deserve a passing grade and was basically told that she was wrong.

This is why teachers should be able to make their own grading policy. They are the ones teaching the material and assigning work. They know what they expect from students so they should be able to grade them accordingly. If a student does not meet their standards, then yes they have the right to fail them. They shouldn’t get a free ride. On so many levels this policy is not exceptional.

The teacher didn’t feel like the student deserved a passing grade. What did she get for her honesty? She got fired. The school needs to realize how easily it will be for students to manipulate this policy.