Senior Night; Dominik Cross

As these 6 seniors were recognized they had the support from their teammates, family, and the respectful audience. They are now left with the expectations of their future and what college ball might be like. In all six players you could truly see their love for basketball and the dedication they posses.

Dominik Cross was one of the seniors I had the chance to talk to, he explained what he expects for college “I want to get better, I know it’s going to be more intimidating and harder, but I’m ready for it.

His experience on the team started his junior year and playing for our campus is something he will never forget. “This was where I got the most coaching and basically got my start,” Cross said. “Everything that I’ve been through playing on this team prepared me for college ball.”

With all eyes on him during senior night, he said that game was completely different than any regular home game. “I kind of felt way more pressure that usual, “ Cross said. “ that fact that everyone was expecting us to win, the crowd the parents, all their standards were higher.”

Within the number of home games he’s participated in, he exaggerated the fact that this specific game was one of his personal favorites. “Last year when I watched the seniors before me get recognized, I couldn’t wait to make my mark the following year.” After a long season, Dominik Cross got the recognition he worked for.