PLUS and ASB host Halloween activities

As we all know, a few days ago it was Halloween. In past years, our school has never done anything significant to celebrate besides letting students wear their costumes around school. On the other hand,this year was different. PLUS and ASB organized individual activities for students to partake in. On October 30th, ASB took charge with their ’Trunk or Treat.’

Students showed up with their costumes, and their trunks with Halloween themed decorations. Some trunks had fake spider webs, Tablecloths with skulls, and some people got creative by having artificial limbs in their trunks that were filled with fake blood. Good energy was bouncing off of people as the excitement for Halloween started to settle in. Trunk or Treat was a huge success and great a time for students to bring their relatives in and show them how Stagg celebrates.

The day of Halloween, it was PLUS’s turn to show what they got. During the school day, they had the west hall closed so they could set up their ‘Haunted Hallway.’ This hallway was the talk around school since everyone was curious about the event and seeing the process and witnessing how hard they worked, and it made students want to check it out and see what PLUS students were up to.                

After school that day, games such as ring toss, basketball, and football, were set up between the C and M wings. As students played and hung out, PLUS leaders would gather a few students at a time and bring them to the front of the west hall to wait and enter the haunted hallway.

Everyone in line was waiting with anticipation as the entrance to the hallway got closer. When students finally entered the hallway, PLUS leaders escorted them through a black tarp and the scaring began. PLUS leaders were hidden in trash bags or masks as they jumped out at students. The haunted hallway lead to the boy’s bathroom where more PLUS students waited to scare more victims. Laughter and screams were spread throughout the haunted hall as students excited.

ASB and PLUS students did a fantastic job of raising the Halloween spirit across our campus. I hope they continue the year with planned events that make students feel more involved and happy to be part of our school.