JOSE PEREZ: Life Lessons Taught Through Soccer

Junior Jose Perez developed a love for soccer at an early age. Every Sunday his family comes together to enjoy the sport and bond. This tradition started when Perez was nearly seven years old along with his siblings.

Throughout his life he’s played for leagues and was taught skills equip for high school. Perez originally wanted to play for an outside league as well as high school ball but was informed he couldn’t have the best of both worlds.

He took a big step when he decided to leave his outside league for high school soccer. “I leveled out the pros and cons of both leagues,” he explained. “I never played for my high school and all my friends were encouraging me to try out and I loved it.” He explained how relaxed high school ball is without excluding the competition aspect all together.

His favorite thing about soccer is the ability it gives him to become more social. “I’m usually shy,” he said. “In soccer I feel more comfortable because we all share a common interest, it’s easier to talk to people and make friends.”

Perez believes that soccer has taught him valuable lessons he can take with him throughout life such as self control, patience, teamwork, and sportsmanship. “Balance is a major thing in soccer,” he said. “You have to get really coordinated with yours legs and feet because that’s you’re main tool, unlike other sports that focus on the upper body.”

To live up to the potential of a “student athlete” Perez put himself on a very dedicated time schedule so he never misses a beat. “Having a time and place for everything allows me to stay on track with school and enjoy the sport I love, without falling short of my expectations.”

Like many soccer players, he hopes to play in college and continuously improve his skills. “Ever since I was little my family would put the idea of college ball in my head,” he said. “Without their support and motivation, I don’t think I would be as confident in my performance as I am today.