TRAVIS JARVIS: Learned dedication

Playing baseball was something sophomore Travis Jarvis started at a young age. His dad played baseball throughout his childhood and he would love watching his games. “As a kid I couldn’t wait to be on the field.”

When he was eight he finally stepped foot on the field and began his baseball career. His love started at Victory Park when his father signed him up for Pacific little league.

As he evolved in skills and performance, it was easy for him to make the team when he tried out for Stagg his freshman year.

“High school baseball is so different compared to little league,” Jarvis said. “Everything moves at a much faster pace and the game is way more competitive than it’s ever been.”

Jarvis hopes to pursue this sport as a career because not only has it been something he turned to during hard times, it was another way for him and his father to connect. “My dad coached my little league team so we were always together,” He said.

When he was younger he explained how he was reluctant to have his father as a coach because he was very strict.

“Now that I look back at it I understand that he just wanted the best for me on and off of the field,” Jarvis said. “Baseball really strengthened our relationship and i’m glad it’s something we both can relate to.

Learning the ropes of high school baseball, he informed me on how it was

challenging to change his little league ways, but he quickly brought up his pace. This is only his second year of baseball at Stagg and he has already improved.

“I can’t wait to see what i’m capable of,” he said. “I still have a long way to go, the only thing I can do now is get better.”