Laying down the puck


In a cold ice rink, where pressure is high, and adrenaline is pumping, that’s where Alexander Aguon found his passion. At nine years old he picked up the hockey stick and laid down the puck.

“Playing hockey is a big part of my life,” Aguon said. “The more I grow with the sport, the more it makes me want to play for the rest of my life.” Aguon started playing hockey because he wanted to go down a different path and set examples that weren’t set for him. To him, playing hockey is a way to escape reality.

“When i’m playing, I feel like i’m in a different world,” Aguon said. “I don’t think about anything else, it’s almost like everything is on pause.”

He further explained all the challenges he faced in hockey and how they shaped him into the person he is today. Throughout the years he played, he stated that learning how to have patience with others was one of the hardest things and most rewarding thing he learned.

“Working together with people I didn’t know at a young age helped me gain a lot of patience as I got older,” Aguon said. “There is always pressure during a game but my teammates and I know how to control frustration way better now and work together.”

After a good seven years of playing Aguon broke his arm for the first time. “I was out for the rest of the season,” Aguon said. “I was so ready to play, but ended up on the bench.”  It was the worst Aguon explained.

He broke his arm during a drill, and it just so happened that after he recovered, he broke his arm once more. The part that made Aguon mad was it was the same exact drill that caused him his injury

“I felt completely helpless,” Agoun said. “I didn’t even get a chance to play in the game before I was out again.” He is currently in his last stages of recovery and cannot wait to get back out on the rink and do what he loves.