Sorry, Not Sorry

Recently, Nick Cannon was asked to appear for a comedy showcase at a New Jersey Catholic university. The University was hosting their reunion and homecoming weekend. Cannon had agreed to the terms and policies of the contract he was given on paper, but when he got there he had no regard for what he signed up for.

Nick Cannon is an all around celebrity. From Reality Tv shows to acting in movies, and making music he pretty much does it all. He is very successful and his actions took the University’s President, Joseph R. Marbach by surprise.

Students at the University thought the show was a success and posted it on social media. This earned a letter from their president to the staff and students, because the show concerned their president.

In this letter, President Marbach displayed his careful view on how Cannon did not follow any terms and policies that he signed for. He used vulgar words and had some explicit phrases that did not apply to the schools morals and beliefs. The president thought it was inappropriate and shouldn’t have happened at his school.

Nick Cannon took this letter to the drama thirsty media tweeting “I ain’t apologizing…..Wait, i’m sorry your university doesn’t believe in freedom of speech!!!” This caused a whole twitter argument. Nick cannon encouraged the complaints made about him by retweeted them all and even giving feedback to some.

Is Cannon being immature towards This whole situation? Bringing it to Twitter was a step towards that and since the ex Nickelodeon star isn’t willing to apologize any time soon, people are left to draw the conclusion that he is being childish.

Cannon should look at things through the president’s point of view and ask himself if what he did was wrong instead of being ignorant to the fact that there is an issue.