It’s no surprise that Rihanna fans are questioning where she is. It had been three years since she released her empowering album ANTI then disappeared from the music industry. Her album is about disappointment. The ways in which the people you trust can still come up short in the end, and how lonesome that can feel. She gives off a lonely vibe followed by a “I don’t need anybody” mentality.

Looking into celebrities lives, one might assume they are stuck up and have no sympathy for others, but I would say Rihanna is quit the opposite.

Rihanna has constantly influenced this generation of woman to be independent and learn the importance of self love. She is an advocate for 24 charities and happily supports 25 different causes.

Immediately after her disappearance in the music industry, she expanded her talents into the fascinating world of makeup. Fenty beauty was advertised throughout numerous social media platforms.

In december of 2018, this pop star confirmed and promised fans a new album to start off 2019 but nothing has been talked about and it’s already march.

 Makeup gurus anticipated the world wide release of the product. While music enthusiasts anticipate her reappearance in the world of pop/hip hop. Rihanna has no word if she will return or not. After the launch of fenty she has been indulging her time in interviews and appearances, making a spot for herself in the business side of makeup.