Stockton Murals

When walking downtown, it’s usual to see gang related graffiti or pointless tagging on buildings, but recently I’ve noticed these murals that completely redefine Stockton.

Three murals where produced with a grant from Stockton projects that will be launching SEED ( The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration).Two of the three paintings represent social issues that contribute to the uprising youth group in the community. They bring hope and spark innovation in stockton.

Artist Brandan Odums from New Orleans was one of the three artist selected by a group that organized the Stockton Project. When Odums got the opportunity to paint here, he encountered a form of writer’s block. “I didn’t know what to paint,” he said.

The idea to paint Jasmine Dellafosse was suggested to Odum by Mayor Michael Tubbs. The Mayor explained how involved Dellafosse is with the community. She dedicates her time to nonprofit organizations to improve local schools and the prospects of youth.

When Dellafosse saw the six story mural of her wearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on her T-shirt she was speechless and astonished to represent the stockton. “I’m very humbled and honored,” she said.

Another mural was constructed by an Artist from Paris that goes by the name of Astro. His mural was performed free handed and was completed in only two days. It’s a triangle that was inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, encouraging the people of stockton to pursue higher goals.

The last mural was painted by Kia Duras who is from Stockton. Being apart of this mural construction, she felt more appreciative of the city she grew up in and the place she learned her most valuable lessons.