Motivated by hard work and his family, sophomore Gregario Pichardo has big dreams of playing in the NFL after high school. He discovered his love for the sport during his freshman year.

Growing up in a ‘Raider nation’ family, he couldn’t wait for the day to live out that fantasy. “When me and my family watch the games, we always end up going outside and playing,” Pichardo said. He explains the importance of football in his life and in his family’s. “My uncles played, my cousins played, and now it’s my time.” Pichardo said.

In football, the have a weight lifting competition for linemen. Winning that contest is his biggest goal going into the second year of playing, he anticipates it with every practice. He is slowly working towards lifting 185 pounds.

“One thing I want to improve on the most is my squatting,” he said. “Being able to squat more pounds will help me improve my speed.” Since running is his least favorite thing about the sport, he believes he can improve his time by strengthening his legs.

Pichardo knows he still has a long way to go, but his mind is still set on his dream. Because of his size he has to push himself a little bit more. “I’ve already improved from freshman year till now,” Pichardo said. “Being in my second year of football, I’m not as intimidated and can show the coaches what I’m capable of.”

He enjoys playing because of the social aspects. He’s made strong bonds and has people that really care about him. “Some of these guys are like my brothers,” he said. “They’re always making sure my grades are up and whether or not I need help with anything.”