KASSIDY CHHOUNGSUN: Improving Performance

Junior Kassidy ChhoungSun has played tennis her freshman year and thought badminton would be the same thing. When she started, her initial goal was to get better at tennis but she ended up loving badminton more.

She thought badminton would be easier than tennis but she was clearly mistaken. “There is so much more running,’ ChhoungSun said. “My body was not prepared for how much work it is.” Since the shuttlecock is much lighter than a tennis ball, you can’t really anticipate were it will land.

She began conditioning her body more for this specific sport. Although tennis was her dominate she new that placing all her focus on badminton would only help her in the long run.

“Something that was hard for me was pacing myself,” she said. “I would hit the birdy to hard or be short of a swing and it was difficult for me to find a balance.” this wasn’t a problem for her in tennis and it really messed up her confidence.

When doubts crossed her mind she would try to push them out and work harder, pushing herself to new limits. “I had to have more self discipline,” ChhoungSun said. “It was hard for me to have control over my actions, I would always get so frustrated.”

Paying close attention to her actions she was able to work on the areas she needed to improve. With the confidence in improving she was able to fall back into tennis with no doubts or hesitations.