Lunch Line Cutting

Harmony Evangelisti

It has happened to everyone at least once. It is done unconsciously in the act of me first. Some people say, ‘excuse me’ as they make their way up front. The humble person respects the manners used when the person is really saying ‘excuse me; I’m going to cut you’.
The bustling, crowded cafeteria is full of students all wanting the same thing. Some students never get their food until the last 10 minutes of lunch, allowing them little time to eat it happily. Cutting in the cafeteria lines happens so much, it’s a student’s fast way to getting what they want without waiting. A line of 20 may last for 15 minutes because in between, at least 10 students have slipped their way in line making it even longer. Senior Michelle Pheav admitted, “If the line is too long I don’t wait…I use it to my advantage (cutting), I’m hungry!
A cafeteria CSM Tyron Collins, notices that the bigger kids come and cut the kids that are young and humble. Cutting is mostly done to the freshmen by the upperclassmen. Freshmen still aren’t use to the works of high school and the older kids feel superior over the young ones. Collins calls cutting “mental abuse”, there is no physical threat besides maybe a little shove.
A freshman Bonita Medina said, “People need to be more patient, it’s not fair” Cutting isn’t only unfair, it is inconsiderate towards a person that started at the back of the line, and waited to be in front.
Although the length of lunch has changed it still doesn’t seem to solve some issues. Some students feel two lunches was a better way for everyone to get their lunch, others like the way of one lunch. Collins thinks we not only need more CSM’s in the cafeteria but a system should be developed. He said, “There should be a stop sign…with red tape so students know when to stop and let the other kid come out with their lunch.” Another solution he brought up was a variety of different carts spread around the school allowing more access to food.
Cutting can’t be completely prevented but it can be less occurring by student’s actions. Upper classmen can have a little more sensitivity towards their freshmen because they were once one themselves. The major solution would be to just act more considerate towards others. CSM’s can control the lines as much as they want but cutting is done by choice.