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Rothrock’s Socks: History behind those socks

What first started as a Christmas gift from a mother-in-law soon has become part of one Stagg teacher’s signature look. Christopher Rothrock, a history teacher at Stagg High School, is known for his fancy socks or as he refers to them “novelty socks.” 

 “My mother in law bought me a set of presidential socks for Christmas and I thought it would be fun being a history teacher wearing historical socks and silly socks for work. I felt exuberant with my gift.” 

Chris Rothrock and a student pose for the camera showing off their novelty socks at Stagg High School. In this photo, Rothrock wears a pair of Novelty socks.

Each teacher has their own way of connecting with students. For Rothrock, his students really seem to connect with him for how he is and of course his socks. “I’m kinda the wacky teacher, so it adds to my goofiness and silliness and it’s something that I can connect with the kids on, they enjoy asking me which socks I’m wearing each day.”

He is known as an outgoing and goofy teacher/coworker, making him stand out from other teachers. Rothrock stated that he owns enough novelty socks to get him through three weeks. With a variety of designs including Spongebob , Madrid, and his favorite pair, Sloth socks.  

Rothrock showing off a pair of John F. Kennedy socks in his AP U.S. History classroom, This was one of the pairs gifted to Rothrock by Debbie Wallen, “What started off his sock habit.”

Rothrock received his first pair of novelty socks from his mother-in-law Debbie Wallen. “The intention behind getting the socks was that they were very creative. You could pull it off and the kids would enjoy them hopefully” said Wallen. 

What Wallen didn’t expect was for one pair of socks to turn into a habit for Rothrock. “I did not think one pair of socks would change everything, but why not.” Wallen stated. She hopes that students enjoyed Rothrock’s socks, becoming a huge part of his personality, and being asked daily what the socks of the day were. “I think a sock addiction is probably one of the safest you could have and everyone could enjoy it.”

Jay Sanidad and Anthony Lee, both Social Science teachers, expressed their thoughts on their interesting coworker. “As long as I’ve known him, he has a perfect balance of mentor and goofiness,” Sanidad stated. ” If anyone wants to know the kinda guy Mr.Rothrock is, take a look at his socks.” Like Rothrock, Sanidad and Lee both have their special way of connecting with their students. For Sanidad, it’s R&B and being from Stockton. For Lee, it’s doing score predictions during the football season. But for Rothrock, one thing that stands out is his socks. 

Rothrock shows off a pair of taco socks he got as a gift during lunch by one of his students. He ended up wearing these pairs of socks the following day.

Most students and staff members at Stagg love Rothrock for being himself. “We love him to death, said Lee. “we’ll go with he is esoteric. He has a very unique personality and we love him for it. I couldn’t imagine him without the socks at this point, people get him socks as gifts. As a teacher he [dresses] pretty normal, but then when he lets you see his socks it kinda really brings his personality out.” 

As the sock addiction is still going for rothrock and the collection keeps increasing, Rothrock is looking for a specific pair in particular. “I’d like to get an Anaheim Ducks pair of socks, since that’s my favorite hockey team.” 

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