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Stanislaus State Starts Construction on New Building in Stockton

“New Academic Building Phase I” |

California State University Stanislaus, also known as Stanislaus State, began construction Tuesday, May 14, on a new facility in Stockton, a project that will allow 2,000 more students to attend the university and is set to be completed by fall 2025. 

The new building, which will cost $52 million, will be located on East Magnolia Street in University Park, and will feature modern classrooms, labs, assembly spaces, student services and study areas. The building, planned by CSU Stanislaus President Sue Borrego, aims to provide local students with a closer option for higher education instead of traveling to Sacramento or Turlock.

“We want to inspire students from a young age to see themselves going to college,” said Borrego in an interview with KCRA. “We believe everyone has talent, but not everyone has the opportunity. We aim to be that opportunity for them.”

Stagg head counselor and Stanislaus State alumni, Laura Rodriguez, gave her thoughts on how this could be beneficial, stating “I actually got my master’s from Stan State. The difference back then is all my classes were in Stanislaus, which is like a 45 minute drive.”

Rodriguez says the new building can help the number of working students wanting to attend. “The issue back a few years ago is that they didn’t have enough room for students, so their enrollment is growing, and they know a lot of our students work, so I’m thankful that they’re catering to the working students, which now gives the students an opportunity to stay in town if need.

“Multipurpose room” | 

The groundbreaking ceremony celebrated the university’s efforts to make higher education more accessible and the positive impact this new building will have on the community. As construction begins, there are many potential opportunities this expansion may bring to Stockton.

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