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Multimedia students have a cinematic experience

Ticho Castillo and Axel Ayala pose as their characters Velocity and Phantom. (Picture courtesy of Cinecrest studios.)

While many people just watch and enjoy short films, many don’t give much thought to the work and the process it takes to make a film. Making a short film takes multiple steps and a lot of effort from the group making it. 

Senior Ryan Turner, director of his group in his multimedia class, gave his perception on what it took to finish a movie as well as the role he and his group played throughout the process. “A lot of the process is coming up with ideas and then asking friends for feedback or ask them whether its a movie they’d enjoy watching,” Turner said. 

“Then whenever doing anything like a short film, podcast or a little booklet, there’s always three sections: pre production, production then post production.¨

Turner said he came up with the plot for his movie. “A lot of the time I’m like ‘Ok, this sounds really good this is something I would watch or I would tell my friends and be like, ‘Hey would you watch a movie like this?’ or ‘What kinda movie haven’t you seen that you wanna see?’”

The plot of his story is about aliens and superheroes.  ¨In this film there’s this meteor that contains a ton of power to it that lands on earth, and this bad guy, Gregory, who is an alien, wants to take the meteor from earth back,” Turner said.  

“So he starts sending a lot of robots down to earth to recollect it. The superheroes Phantom Velocity and Mini Max try to stop Gregory.” 

Sophomore Axel Ayala acted in the role of Phantom, a superhero who fights off enemies. Ayala said he had a lot of experience in acting especially during his freshman year.

“I’ve acted throughout freshman year for Multimedia 1 and it was a cool learning experience,” Ayala said, “But overall shooting in this current film I’ve had confidence due to me and the director Ryan having a cool relationship,” Ayala said. 

Ticho Castillo, a senior who plays the superhero Velocity in the film, also shared his experience with acting. ¨I did drama my sophomore year, and then I did Drama 2 junior year and I’m doing it again this year and I’ve also been in some of my friends other film projects,¨ Castillo said.

Multimedia teacher Stacia Greenberg-Ocampo has been looking at Turner’s group and their progress. “Everyone’s doing a great job with showing up every day and figuring out what parts need to be completed,” Greenberg-Ocampo said.  “I think they’re all excited to see the completed film.”

The process of making a short film takes a lot of courage and dedication from each member. Filmmakers like Turner need to take in consideration the effort and creativity that goes into it. 

In his opinion, the movie came out great, especially with how great the editors made the finished product. “The final results came out good. It was just a challenge to get it done in time. Part of me wishes that I did an easier topic but at the same time I enjoy everything we have done in this movie.”

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