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Stagg Student Overcome Hardships, Honored with Award

(Yamilet Nolasco–Lopez smiles, taking a picture outside of her class, the background shows motivational posters. She proudly expresses herself and acknowledges how much she has improved.)(Elina Rodriguez/StaggOnline)

Stockton Unified had recently announced an award, the San Joaquin County Office of Education “Every Student Succeeding Award,” which is given to students from the county who made special efforts to overcome challenges and obstacles; students could receive the award for things like improving attendance and attitude, leaving gangs or even overcoming physical, mental or economic barriers.

On February 15, Junior Yamilet Nolasco–Lopez, previous journalism staff for Stagg, was proudly awarded with the Every Student Succeeding Award, for being able to overcome the obstacles and hardships that she had faced during her time, while trying to maintain an academic atmosphere.

Not expecting this, Nolasco shared her initial reaction receiving this award.

¨I was surprised, because I just like to do my own thing, you know, in my own lane and just do my work just like any other student, I was kind of surprised that I was elected.¨ Nolasco says. 

Her experience was challenging, but also inspiring for others who are going through a similar situation. She talked about who had helped motivate her during her challenging obstacles.

¨What helped motivate me was honestly, being first generation and having siblings that look up to me, so I had to keep it up.¨. 

This award was also a big milestone for her.

It shows that anyone can be able to achieve anything and try their best to improve exceedingly at their own pace after a challenging obstacle.

PLUS Advisor Shoual Chang lightheartedly shares her reaction of Nolasco being honored with the San Joaquin County Office of Education Every Student Succeeding Award. ¨I think Yami had overcome a lot of obstacles and I think she’s a great example of how everybody can overcome their own obstacles,¨ She acknowledges.

Another classmate, who knew Nolasco-Lopez since around 4th grade, was also proud of her.

 Nolasco shares advice for those who are going through a similar experience. 

¨Honestly, just keep pushing because there’s always a brighter side. It’s just like going past a tunnel, obviously really dark but you´ll at some point will get out of there soon,¨  Nolasco concludes, proud and knowing this was a significant accomplishment for her and her future.

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