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Small Businesses of Stagg: ‘Haroldsdrops’ Student Mechanic

Small businesses are becoming a common interest for many high school students world wide. For instance many common side hustles for students are Barbers, Nail Techs, Lash Techs, Bakers and so on. On top of going to school, Stagg junior Harold Breaux balances the life of school and owning several businesses, such as his hotdog selling business and ‘Harold drops’, where he works on trucks. 

“Harold Breaux started the small business HaroldsDrops in 2021. He does custom suspension on trucks as well as lowering.” (HaroldsDrops)

Breaux started his business, Harold Drops, in his freshman year of highschool and has been doing it for three years as of now. He was inspired by his father who also was in the autobody business for a while.

Working in the automotive industry is a very important business, considering cars are one of the most important types of transportation in America. Breaux’s purpose of his business is to do custom suspension on vehicles as well as lowering trucks. He came up with the prices by going off of what he had previously heard from other businesses but going cheaper as a strategy to get more customers. 

When asked why he started doing it he replied with. “My dad has always been working on trucks and stuff, so I just like took it into my own hands and started my own business.” In the future Breaux wants to continue his passion, and hopefully expand his business into better opportunities. He also wants to continue welding so he can get better and then start to do custom frames. His business motto is “Better prices, even better results” showing you can have the best of both worlds on having a good price and an even better result. 

“Harold Breaux installs a flip kit on a customer’s truck in his father’s warehouse. A flipkit is a part that lowers the rear 6 inches.” (HaroldsDrops)

Breaux’s customers are very satisfied by the results they got, one customer saying “I liked the results on how my truck came out.” Then goes on to say  “His customer service is great and he is respectful. I would recommend him, he does nice work, I would definitely go back.”  If you too are interested in his business you can find him on instagram @haroldsdrops. 

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