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Science Curriculum Specialist Marcus Sherman explains a lab he created to help students understand Newton’s second law, the Magnus Effect. It consists of two cups taped together at the end and they are launched with a rubber band. They spin backards, making the air under spin faster, lifting the cups up.

From classroom to curriculum office

Maria Castillo, Editor in Chief
September 7, 2018
Erick Chavez performs a runing front flip off the walk way, over the railing, as he roles in the air with his momentem, he does one complete flip. He lands the flip successfully on his two feet with no injuries.


Stephanie Jimenez, Editor In Chief
May 18, 2018
Senior Tyler Applon untightens the bolt to check the transmission fluid of a 1992 Safari Jeep. He ends up needing to fill it up with more fluid. He practices what he wants to do in his second period class Auto Tech which is taught by Jim Griffon.


Leslie Coronado, Entertainment Editor
March 2, 2018

New Years unites culture

Sara Abdeltawab, Editor in Chief
January 9, 2018
Junior Natalie Robles attends the first year of the Color Run. As she participates, paint is thrown at her at the start of the race. At the event, donations for The American Cancer Society were accepted in exchange for paint.

Colorful for a cause

Stephanie Matsumoto, Features Editor
November 9, 2017
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