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Hip Hop Performers from SchoolYardRap Visit Stagg


Hip Hop artist Tary performs “She Did That” by Grio B. He appreciates being able to teach black students their own history. (Adriana Garcia /StaggOnline)

SchoolYardRap is an educational hip hop group that performed at Stagg on February 21. Students were called out of classes during the first and second period to watch a rally about Black History Month hosted by performers Tary and Dj Jr. During the end of the first period´s rally, Tary asked the crowd if anyone would want to come up on stage to dance. Some were reluctant and although no one actually stood up and went on stage to dance, there were two students that were not ashamed to stand up from their seats. 


Cody Ayers and Alonza Johnson were the two students who stood up at the sound of “Subcity” by Chary Chapman.


When being asked how it felt dancing with everyone’s attention, Ayers said, ¨I was already feeling it, when he started rapping, it was about black history month. That was a once in a lifetime experience, you don’t see those types of things. l got up and as a black figure in my school, I wanted to represent my race,¨ stated Ayers.

Johnson agreed, saying ¨It was a cool, creative and different experience, for school you know, ‘cuz we never have stuff like that. I was a little nervous but it was an opportunity to have fun and dance,¨ said Johnson.

SchoolYard Rap is an organization founded by Brandon Brown, also known as Grio B. Brown was once a school principal and teacher, but got inspired by his students to teach in a different way. Brown retired from Inglewood, Los Angeles, and picked up another gig in the form of music. Brown is the one who creates the content and music, alongside producer Dre who makes up the beats. 

Hip Hop is very popular in the world right now, and Tary stated, ¨Let’s use it for the betterment of education to the young people.¨ SchoolYardRap’s main objective is to educate students about Black, Brown, Asian and Pacific Islander minority students through Hip Hop music, through assemblies and big concerts. 

Their goal is to promote education in a way that’s fun. They have different ways to get their message across and this rally was the high school version. When being asked what inspired them to take part in such interacting events with students, Tary said, ¨This is newer for us, but very much needed, it went over really well.¨

 Tary went on to say that he’s always loved education and always loved being on school campuses, it makes him feel young. He said that he loves to see students turn into young men and women and to teach them about black history, to perform as best as he can so that the students can retain all the information.

Dj Jr hypes up the crowd. (Adriana Garcia /StaggOnline)

Tary said their goal is to hit all 50 states. They also partner up with other organizations such as afterschool programs, theater programs, to try and build up their context. 

SchoolYard Rap has been to over 21 states, including Texes, Louisiana, California, Ohio, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Chicago and their next stop is Florida. 

¨Yo potential don´t mean jack without a mentor on yo back¨ said Grio B.

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