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Stockton Schools Initiative

May 13, 2019

Guest speakers from the Stockton Schools Initiative, Camille Zapata and Donald Donaire speak about the...

CARLOS HERNANDES: Lunch as usual

May 13, 2019

Sophomore Carlos Hernandes actively gets lunch on our campus. The recently closed down cafeteria has...

PHILIP SILVA: Comic Collector

May 6, 2019

Freshman Philip Silva describes his passion for collecting comic books over a couple of years, while...

JESSICA KUNZ: Learning to skate

April 29, 2019

Jessica has wanted to learn how to skateboard for a long time, and now with the help from her group of...

KAYLAN DARANIKONE: More preparation for SBAC testing

April 8, 2019

All juniors took the SBAC test the first week of April, among them was Kaylan Daranikone. She believes...

ALICIA HUNTER: Expressing art through celebrities

April 1, 2019

Junior Alicia Hunter expresses her emotions through art. She has been drawing for 3 years and social...

ALEXA LEHMKUHL: SUSD zone concert from a high school perspective

March 26, 2019

Sophomore Alexa Lehmkuhl talks about her experience playing the alto saxophone as an elementary student...

ENEKEYO SAKATA: An arrestee’s perspective

March 12, 2019

Senior Enekeyo Sakata was apart of the Every 15 minutes program. Sakata reflects on how the scenario...

PAULINA SILVA: Being ASB treasurer

March 11, 2019

Paulina Silva is a sophomore who became treasurer for her class. She discusses what they do in ASB and...

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