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Learning languages aids communications skills

February 11, 2019

She remembers hearing stories from her grandmother in Malaysian, and soon enough she started getting...

Neglected Program seeks more funding

February 4, 2019

Nadia Dutra is a senior who believes the art program deserves more recognition. “Art allows me to express mys...

Adkins scholars program provides finical guidance

February 4, 2019

Applications, financial aid, grants, scholarships, and college. For those who consider themselves to be c...

ANNABELLE PIKE: social exposure

January 24, 2019

Junior Annabelle Pike, explains how she feels with and without her phone. Pike feels incomplete when...

Winter Essientials

January 22, 2019

Short in height, not of talent

January 16, 2019

First impressions tend to be based off of appearance and for senior Kevin Bland, he’s often underes...

Seniors develop propositions to create change

January 16, 2019

To have students fully understand the lessons taught to them and relate to them is the main goal for te...

Video game club launches existence with tournament

January 16, 2019

Getting a new club off the ground can be difficult, but the Video Game Club makes it look easy. Often ...

JAMES MARRONE: Collaboration Days

January 15, 2019

Social studies department head James Marrone discusses teachers meetings in the month of January. Marrone...

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