Stagg PowerPuff Behind The Scene

PowderPuff players, cheerleaders and coaches posing for a group photo. (Angelina Miranda/StaggOnline)

Generally, football players have been male and cheerleaders have been female, but what if those typical gender roles were switched? And so PowderPuff was back, by student’s request after four years! 

PowderPuff is both an opportunity for Stagg’s female students to show of their skills and to build school morale. The game was held on April 6, where the senior girls opposed their younger classmates in flag football while the boys cheered for them. 

9th-8th team (left) and senior team (right) lining up before start of match. (Angelina Miranda/StaggOnline)

Stagg Seniors claimed victory with an overall winning score of 44-2 in the PowderPuff game, serving a devastating defeat to the lowerclassmen team (9th-11th).

Leading up to the game, when the coaches (Anthony Lee & James Buntin,) were confirmed, practice began on March 27, which was about two weeks of practice drills and stretches.

Coach Lee guided the already fired up seniors. “I did a lot of the same drills I do with players in the fall. Being able to do chase, collect flags, passing drills and understanding formations as a whole so they can know how to line up,” Couch Lee informed. 

Once game time came, the majority of the seniors were super pumped and excited. 

Coach Lee holding the PowderPuff Championship trophy for the Senior team’s victory.

Coach Lee shared his feelings on his Senior team winning, “They made a lot of great plays. I would say [I was feeling] like a proud parent. I very excited for them to play the game and to put on the play.”

Passing the ball over Coach Buntin, coach of the opposing team’s training, notifies “We stretched and did some lunges, mostly just warmed up by running and stretching.” The team agrees that most of them weren’t ready for this game and hope for another chance next year.