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Rising to the challenge: A High school Tri-Athletes Journey

When you hear the term “Tri-Athlete,” or an athlete that plays three sports, you might think about people who’s only focus is sports and what they are trying to gain from it.

What people don’t really pay attention to is the challenges, the risks and the trade offs of something like dedicating so much time to each sport. Dallas Prak, a junior Stagg Tri-Athlete, plays varsity football, basketball and junior varsity baseball. Prak works hard at all of his sports, and makes it look easy both on the field and behind the books, according to coaches and teachers 

Dallas Prak walks on the field at the Stagg vs. Bear Creek game, At Bear Creek on 9/29. Prak started playing football his freshman year.

He has always had an athletic background with sports. “As a little kid, I always had a drive to play football. Trying out for basketball and baseball keeps me playing and I’ve always had decent skill,” said Prak.

Prak first started playing backyard football at the age of six, which is how he fell in love with the sport, and continued playing football in highschool playing WR. Dallas, being an athletic individual, also joined basketball, playing shooting guard and point guard for Stagg his freshman year. This year , Dallas plays baseball as  catcher and shortstop, making him the Tri-Athlete he is.

With appreciation for each sport, Prak still has a strong love for football “ I’m more comfortable with football , That’s my sport since I was a little kid,” said Prak. He hopes to play college ball for UCLA. 

During Prak’s time playing, he has won player of the year in Sep. 2022, according to MaxPreps, and is ranked 71 in Sac-Joaquin Section for number, Top 17 in Division I for number, and Top 10 in San Joaquin Athletic Association for  number 1 stats. In football and basketball, Prak’s top stats are 28 GP, 1.0 P/G, 29 Pts, 56 Ft %, compared to the national average of 10 GP ,4.5 P/G, 51 Pts, 42 Ft %.

His set of skills in these sports is noticed by his teammates, including Ricardo Rodriguez, who also plays two sports: varsity football, and junior varsity baseball. Rodriguez played football alongside Prak since freshman year and joined baseball their junior year together. Rodriguez said, “It’s fun playing with Dallas, he’s a good player and he is really confident in his skills.”

Prak waits to get passed the ball during the Stagg vs Bear Creek game at Bear Creek on 1/12. Stagg put up a good stand but unfortunately lost 41-61

Basketball Varsity Coach Andrew Newton had some things to say about Prak. 

“Dallas is a competitor, he likes to compete. He likes Stagg High School. I think he is doing great, but he plays his butt off. Dallas is the type of guy you’d want to represent Stagg athletics on and off the field. He is a good kid.”

Prak’s emotions kick in when being on the field for each sport. “I feel right on the football field,” he said. “The atmosphere is something a lot of people would want to experience, under the lights, everybody cheering, etc. In my opinion, it just feels great being on the field and doing what I love. Basketball is the same, just louder since it’s indoor. A person like me who loves being physically active, will always find love for being out on the field – Prak

Prak learned quickly in his first year of baseball, according to Rodriguez. “He is an athletic kid who learned fast.’’ 

Backing up Rodriguez was Mark Asia, Prak’s junior Varsity baseball coach. “He has been doing great, especially being his first time playing baseball ever,” said Asia. “He has learned pretty well and picked it up. He is coachable, that’s all we ask for.” 

Being great on the field is not the only thing Prak is good at, maintaining good grades is one of Prak’s main priorities, Physics teacher Jason Simpson had positive words about Prak. “He does his work, he is a smart student. He always participates in class and I’m proud of him. Dallas seems like he is going to be going places,” Simpson said.

Coach Asia also spoke highly of Prak’s talents on and off the field. Asia said, “Prak is balancing being the perfect athlete… being the perfect student  making it easy… and being able to do his best on both ends.” 

Asia said Prak was an influence for his team and motivates his teammates. “Being older sets the tone, It’s been good to have an older guy out here and show some leadership.”

JV Player Dallas Prak plays catcher against Edison High School at the Stagg vs Edison game on 3/28. Stagg won 8-1


While being a Tri-Athlete, Prak faces some challenges. By playing so many sports, he risks serious injuries that can cause permanent damage and may cause being benched the rest of the season. “ Yes I’m scared of being injured, due to being out for the season,”  said Prak.

With his final season coming to an end Prak has great things to say for this school year. “Being a Tri-Athlete is just the beginning, even if I don’t make it D1. It’s still good to add that I did three sports, I would still be playing all three sports my senior year and see where it takes me.” said Prak 


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  • C

    catalina perezApr 20, 2024 at 12:37 am

    we’re so proud of you dal!

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    Perla PerezApr 17, 2024 at 1:49 pm

    You’re so talented and such a hard worker!!
    Way to go Dallas!

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    Isabella PerezApr 17, 2024 at 1:18 pm

    wow so inspiring!!!👏