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Softball Prodigy: Freshman Aliana Chavez dedication leads to excellence on Varsity Softball

Freshman Aliana Chavez calling plays on her wristband, the first innings at the Stagg vs Benholt game at Stagg highschool on 2-26. Chavez is leading Her team in the majority of stats. (Camillah Naranjo/StaggOnline)

Stagg High is home to some of the most talented players ranging from a variety of sports like football, soccer,  baseball and many more. With successful seasons this year with football. Senior Football player Jeremiah singleton is signing to Black Hills State University, and Aloysis Tih will go to Simpsons University for 2024. 

As seniors graduate, freshmen athletes begin their high school  athletic careers.

Making Varsity as a freshman is most athletes’ dreams. For Aliana Chavez, this dream became a reality especially as a person who has a great passion for the sport. 

Hard work and dedication does pay off as an athlete, with Chavez being one of Stagg’s most talented players. With Chavez leading the team with doubles (2), while keeping up in other stats -According to Max Preps.

When asked if she would have rather been on JV being her first year at Stagg, Chavez said,  

“No, varsity was always the goal during conditioning  and tryouts,” said Chavez. 

As in any other sports, competitiveness takes a role in softball, especially while playing on Varsity. “The coaches expect you to give you 100% at practices as well as during the games. You can’t just go out there and do nothing, you will be cut from the team,” Chavez says.

When asked if she’s felt improvement in her skill set since the beginning of the year. Chavez said, “Yes, I have felt an improvement in  speed and catching.”  

With her skills getting better and better not only being recognized by Chavez, her teammates also see the improvement.

Team captain Junior Aerie Garcia first joined the team since her freshman year and has been working with Chavez since conditioning 1/17. Garcia said, “she has improved a lot since she first joined, especially in receiving ground balls at third, making her one of our most skilled players.” 

Not only does Chavez bring her talented skill set to the team but also brings her positive energy making it fun to play and practice with for her teammates. “She has good team spirit, and she is a really good team player for a freshman,” said Garcia.

Chavez playing 3rd base and waiting for the coach to give the players a number for the pitcher. Stagg took a tough loss against Ben Holt with 1-6 playing 8 innings. (Camillah Naranjo/Stagg Online)

Aliana comes from a family who has a passion for sports Alex Chavez, Aliana’s dad said, “I only played football in highschool, I also coached her uncle Edward for 5 years in baseball.” Aliana is the first female in the family to play softball, “softball has not always been a big deal like it is now,” said Alex.

He “pushed her to play the game at first,” but in the end she ended up loving and enjoying the sport.

Although making Varsity is just the beginning for Chavez, she dreams to make a career out of it, and plans to be a softball cowgirl and attend Oklahoma State University which holds a great softball program.


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    NatalieApr 2, 2024 at 12:44 pm

    That’s my grandgirly!!! Super proud Nana!

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    Rachelle keelerMar 11, 2024 at 3:55 pm

    That’s my girl!! 💪🏼⭐️