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Angel Gonzalez

Position: Graphics Editor


Fun Fact:N/A

HobbiesI enjoy hanging out with friends, playing water polo and badminton for school, and overall just making the best for my life by having fun.

Why I joined journalismHonestly I joined journalism for extra credit, but I definitely stayed because they made me feel like we were a family and that we really depended and cared for each other. We try to really just support one another and publish the best material that we know that we can make.

GoalsI hope to finish my high school career out great, keeping up my good grades and trying my hardest in all my classes. I want to take on more than I have been because people are usually to content on doing the minimum and I don’t want to be like that anymore. Long term, I strive to become a neurologist and the first doctor in my family. The brain just really interests me, how so many connections make our bodies function. About three pounds of mass make us who we are and stores all we have been through but also dreams of what we can be.


Angel Gonzalez , Graphics Editor

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