Senior Sunrise starts off new tradition

Seniors dance to the Harlem Shake.

This morning, while the sun was still sleeping, the Senior Class wasn’t. They were in the quad area, celebrating the first annual Senior Sunrise. Many students heard the announcement of the event, but Michelle Canfield, ASB advisor, was not expecting so many seniors to come. “I was up at 3:15 in the morning stressing out. It’s early in the morning, will students really get up to be at school at 6?” The turnout was great — she estimates well over 100 — seniors ate donuts and watched the sun rise with joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

After the sun emerged  from the horizon with “The Lion King” opening playing in the background, the seniors danced to the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle and the Harlem Shake in celebrating the beginning of senior year. This event was set up by Alex Rebultan, senior class president, and Canfield.

Senior Lynzie Vang said, “ASB hasn’t set up things like this and I am excited for this coming year.”