Weekly Sports Focus: Clarissa Navas


Clarissa Navas is involved in track and field but focuses on the discus and shot put. Her record in discus is 52.10 ft. “I get really excited when I get close to my record.” she said. It was set when she was facing the McNair team. “People think that is is easy to do it but if you don’t throw it right you can really mess up your shoulder,” she said. The discus is only 2.2 pounds for girls and 3 and ½ pounds for boys. She was surprised to surpass her old record of 49.9 ft. “I was scared to because some of the girls are big.”

Navas gets tips from senior Melvin Flax, a shot-put and discus record holder at school,  and believes that’s why she has been improving. “I’m always trying to get better,” she said. “No matter how good you get you can always get better.”