KAYLA YOEUM: Badminton draws out competitiveness


Kayla Yoeum, junior, has been in badminton since her freshman year and says “I love badminton.”

She has many friends in the sport that motivate her to always do better. “Every point counts,” Yoeum says. “You always try your best to get the next one.”

The sport draws out her competitive side. In her last match she remembers smashing on her opponent with everything she had. Though Yoeum didn’t win she is proud of the fact that she did her best. She takes her practice really serious because she feels that it would be a waste of time if she didn’t.

She hopes to continue into next year perfecting her game and working on what she says is the hardest part of the game, moving around the court. “I am always looking at what I can do better and how I can do my best.”