New classes open for enrollment next year

“A field trip every month,” Lowell Tuckerman, English teacher, said about the future classes he will be adding to his workload. A class where there are “no right answers,” said Marc Glassberg, drama teacher. These are not part of the core classes. Video Production, the expansion of the drama classes, and the new option of taking an Advanced Placement Physics class are going to be available next year.

Students should have already pre-registered, but there is still time to talk to their counselor and request to be put in one of these classes.

Glassberg said that in his students he’s “looking to expand on raw talent, expand on desire.” He is looking for a student to come into his class, having that internal drive to do something. His classes have already put on a production based on “Grease” and on April 24 they hope to amaze with their production of “The Breakfast Club.” He said that he always leads by example, always by drawing as much as he can out of the student and wanting it back.

He has an extensive background in many productions such as a writing, directing, acting, producing, you name it. He has been on Broadway, off Broadway, in regional theater, independent films, and television. “I’ve learned a lot in my lifetime and I want to impart that to my students,” said Glassberg.

“I think that it’s going to be one of the best electives that we are going to have here at Stagg,” said Tuckerman. His class, which will be new altogether, will have a hands on approach to the video production career. “I think that if (students) can see TV studios in the Bay Area, Sacramento and in Stockton and get to go to a movie studio, then that might fire them up and get them excited,” he said. “Let’s be honest, once in a while it’s nice to get off of campus and see that world outside of Stagg and outside of Stockton.”

The new AP Physics class will be taught by Bill Lorentz, who has taught physics for 23 years. “It’s designed to be a first year physics class,” Lorentz said. “Pretty much any student that puts in the effort that they should in an honors class should be able to succeed.” He said that for most students, it will be really beneficial because it will be getting into a lot of the key concepts that would be covered in a college introductory class.

“We are going to be covering very serious topics,” Lorentz said. “It will be a good application of math because math is the language of physics.” Finally, Lorentz wanted to tell his future students, “It’s going to be a tough class. It’s not going to be a cakewalk but you should have a lot of fun,” Lorentz said. “I haven’t done it before and I’m kind of anxious of what will come out of it.”