Blood Drive was a success


Angel Gonzalez

Stagg held a blood drive Nov. 19 and received its first Delta Blood Bank Scholarship.

“It is approximated that every two seconds a person needs a blood transfusion,” Lisbeth Garcia, blood drive coordinator for Delta Blood Bank, said. “One unit can save up to three lives.” Stagg students and staff donated 55 units of blood, exceeding the goal of 50. This amount can save up to 165 lives.

“Only 38% of the population can donate blood,” Garcia said, adding that the blood supply does down just before the holidays and she was very appreciative that Stagg helped to stabilize that blood supply.

Besides the big needle, Raquel Magadan-Sanchez, a junior, didn’t feel much pain. Lynzie Vang, a senior, said before getting her blood taken she was excited and happy to try to save a life.


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