Teachers recall trends in their day

Sometimes adults hold personalities that reflect on their youth. The teachers here are no different.

Audrey Weir-Graham, social studies department chair, grew up in Berkeley in a very conservative home. In her private school, Weir-Graham had to wear dresses or skirts.

Stewart Jacoby, social studies teacher, said that when he was young,girls had to wear skirts or dresses unless they were playing a game fortheir sport that day. Weir-Graham had relief on the weekends when she wore tie-dye shirts and jeans.

Jacoby was in the high school band here at Stagg in the early to mid-60’s. He wore the band uniform and jeans without the rips. Jacoby thinks that it’s crazy that the ripped jeans are more expensive than the non-ripped ones.

Jacoby also recalls a student who “used to have his mom iron his pants then help him into them so he didn’t break the crease…” He then demonstrated how this student walked and it looked like a penguin waddling in the south pole. He would walk all the way to school like this just to keep a crease in his pants.

Robert Aldrich, an art teacher, was raised in Santa Cruz and adopted the typical surfer lifestyle. His main hobby was surfing. Thomas Orosco, English teacher, had the same lifestyle that closely followed other surfers like Jack O’Neal. Anyone who didn’t surf were called “greenies or wipeouts,” he said. They both dreamed of having the perfect surf wagon, a Woody, so they could take all of their buddies to the beach.

Aldrich’s hair was blonde and he idolized the Beach Boys. He walkedlike them and talked like them, too. He and Orosco were always wearingsandals or black low top converse, even though they didn’t know each other. They both dreamed of returning to the beach they once called home. Aldrich said a lot of his friends from when he was younger are approaching 70 and still collect surfboards. Aldrich subscribes to Long Board, a surfer magazine, and keeps up with the surfer champs. Although he is far from Santa Cruz he keeps tabs on things going on there.

From private schooler, to band member, to surfers, they all report for duty at Stagg. Even though their personalities have matured it still reflects on their past. Weir-Graham runs a tight ship and likes it that way, these traits come from a private school upbringing, and Jacoby wants you there before the bell rings like a good band would do.

Aldrich has a more laid back class and talks for a little while then lets you work. All these teachers’ personalities are reflective of their bringing up and it shows in their teaching.

All teachers have the remnants of their own lives in them now, studentsjust need to spend a little time with them and know the basics of their lives to figure out why they structure their classes in such a way.

They are all just chasing the perfect wave and that comes from good students, order in their classes and patience.