Sanders is using a political strategy to gain influence

Graphic by Angel Gonzalez

Who is Bernie Sanders? Well, he is one of the two remaining Democratic candidates in the race on becoming the next president. For many young people he is a step in the right direction. He is looking forward to a new country by promising so much as soon as he gets the presidency.

However, I believe that he is doing something more complex than what he is trying to put out there. An outsider might think that Sanders is using these hot topics to his advantage.

Though some people, especially in the younger crowd, believe that he can lead this country to greatness, I think he may just be getting the younger generation hyped. In my eyes, it seems like a strategy. I’m not saying he will not follow through with these promises. I just want to see these things put in motion as soon as he got the chance to.

I am not saying that I am against him. For a president, it is difficult to make these legislations right away. Proposals have to pass through Congress, so not all he has promised is to happen. He is a great candidate and I think he should be president because some of the proposals he wants to enact are really going to help the future of America.

One thing that we know everyone is especially anxious about is the possible lifting of the prohibition on marijuana. Most people that I know see that as a possibility if Sanders becomes president.
He is also putting strong emphasis on the fact that abortion is a woman’s choice and he is correct in my opinion.

Sanders also speaks about the immigration act and how he wants to give citizenship to the immigrants that are in the U.S. He even wants to make public colleges and university tuition free.
Sanders is really pushing to make a difference for the next generation of people who are going to be the future of this country. He is trying to persuade people because he wants to be an advocate for the people and let them feel like he is going to be a safety net that we may rely on.

People are able to see that he is one of the favorites from the younger group of voters because he has been labeled as being the “cool guy”. There is a whole a page on Twitter that has Sanders and Hillary Clinton giving answers to particular situations and of course they gave Sanders the edge, making him look like the “cooler” person.

This instills the idea in younger voters that if we have him as president, he’s going to be the best thing since Barack Obama, or even better. If this is so, then we could be in the best shape this country has ever been in.

If Sanders were to win, I would not be angry. However, he is really taking the strategic way and in my eyes it gives him the advantage in the presidential primaries.