The Big Bang Theory: The best show on the planet

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Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory is the best show to ever be broadcasted. If I’m ever bored, I’m watching it. Before I go to bed, I’m watching it. If anybody asks for recommendations of a show, I’ll recommend Big Bang Theory. Can you guess what my favorite show is? I’ll tell you, it’s Big Bang Theory.

Did you know that the show’s season premiere saw over 18 million viewers tune in? That’s gotta mean something. 18 million people aren’t just going to tune in to watch a bad show.

The Big Bang Theory is doing great at continuing its reputation as the most watched show on American television. However, it hasn’t gotten the best reviews. In fact, critics seems to despise the show. But, do you think that will change my perspective even a little bit, it definitely won’t.

The show’s casual references to Schrödinger’s cat, Star Trek and string theory along with a running gag about how one of the characters “only” has a Master’s from MIT – is the evolution in comedy that we need to be striving for.

The Big Bang Theory tends to avoid too complex plots. Thus, there are no complex story arcs that overall track the course of the show. Luckily for me, this means that I can watch any episode of the show without having to see the last one- even though I’ve certainly have seen every episode.  

The main characters are purportedly about their rank of genius amongst themselves, however, they all are relatable and funny individually. Leonard is constantly trying to live up to his parent’s expectations, Penny won’t give up hope as she is trying to realize her dreams, Sheldon is socially awkward and trying to conform to his surroundings. All of the other characters along with those few are normalizing the life of geniuses, giving life to the idea that they too are just normal people. Even though, they might seem a little different.   

The jokes are consistently hilarious. They are thought out, obviously taking a lot of collaboration. But that’s what makes them great. I mean according to Vulture, there is an average of 4.3 jokes per minutes, meaning there’s a whole bunch of jokes every episode. You would think the audience would get tired of them. But, it’s impossible to not find them funny. The jokes just never get old, in fact, they get better each time. The humor is universal and if you don’t think it’s genuinely funny then you might want to consider reevaluating your life.

No matter what whoever is reading this or any  critics might think, The Big Bang Theory is effortlessly the best show on the face of the planet, you can’t change my mind.  


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