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Opinion: Why The Apple Vision Pro Isn’t Worth It

        Apple is known for making their amazing technology, and now they’re talking about creating an electronic device called the Apple Vision Pro. But there’s more to it, will it be worth your money? 

      This new product from Apple is similar to a VR headset that uses a lot of special technology. But here’s the issue, the price for this device is insane. Apple products are typically very expensive. Even with this advanced technology, it still brings concern to those who plan to get it, and how much they will really use it. The Apple Vision Pro currently goes for about $3500. Though this price is insane, it does come close to the price of an iPhone. iPhone’s typically go for around $1000 without contract. They are pricey, however it is guaranteed to be used all the time, unlike the Apple Vision Pro. 

Introducing Apple Vision Pro: Apple’s first spatial computer – Apple

Apple’s latest Ad on the Vision Pro. Showing off the different specs on the device. (Apple)

     According to Brian Chen, a reporter for The New York Times, this product is extremely worth it. “The Vision Pro is miles ahead of other headsets I’ve tested in making an immersive 3-D interface for users to control with their hands and eyes,” states Chen. While Chen might see the benefit of this technology, other people won’t get the chance to see the benefit, with how expensive it is. 

    If one was to spend that much money on a device, they would want it to be worth it, right? A better use of that money would be toward paying off loans or going towards college savings instead of a device not many are going to use all the time. With this device, people like myself do not believe it is worth their money. Though it may look cool, let’s be real. People only want it for bragging rights. 

    This product is also something that people may not enjoy, giving more reason as to why it is a waste of money. So while the Apple Vision Pro might sound like an amazing product, it is important to keep your money in your pockets. You may think this product is for you before making the purchase, and then once you buy it, you regret it. Remember to ask yourself: Is the Apple Vision Pro worth it?


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