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Stockton’s ‘Burgers & Cars’ Show: A Celebration of Women, Wheels, and Sizzling Success

 On April 12, Stockton witnessed a spectacle of automobiles and culinary delights at the annual ‘Burgers & Cars’ event, hosted by the all-female Mirala Car Club and Individuals Car Club. 

This unique gathering, held at the Sherwood Place Shopping mall parking lot in Stockton, not only showcased the diversity of the automotive world but also highlighted the growing presence of women in a traditionally male-dominated domain.

Anthony Ray Delsied’s 1964 Impala is parked at Stockton’s annual ‘Burgers & Cars’ car show on April 12. In the future, Delsied hopes to pass down the vehicle to his eldest daughter, Layla Delsied. (Emanuel Osorio/Stagg Online)

Attendees were treated to a dazzling array of classic, vintage, and customized vehicles, each one a testament to the passion and creativity of its owner. From gleaming muscle cars to meticulously restored classics, there was something to captivate the imagination of every time car enthusiast present. 

“It’s incredible to see so many talented women coming together to celebrate their love of cars,” remarked Mirala Car Club member, Sugar Ramos. “Events like these are able to break down stereotypes and show that anyone can be part of the automotive community.”

Members of the Mirala Car Club and Individuals Car Club played a pivotal role in organizing the event, ensuring that every detail was carefully planned and executed. Their dedication and enthusiasm were noticeable, creating an atmosphere of companionship and celebration that spread throughout the event. “It’s always really cool to see so many incredible cars in one place,” said local attendee, Nicholas Aldava. 

However, the event offered more than just cars. The proximity of the event to an In-N-Out Burger restaurant proved to be a major draw for attendees, who could easily satisfy their hunger with delicious burgers and fries without straying too far from the action. This led to a surge in business for the popular fast-food chain, as event-goers took advantage of the convenient dining option. Ramos stated it was an “accidental partnership” with the restaurant.

In addition to partnering with In-N-Out Burger, the event organizers also extended invitations to small food businesses, providing attendees with a wider variety of food options to choose from. 

Car enthusiast Lorenzo Padilla showcases his beloved 1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible at the car show. Having owned the vehicle since the 80s, he has dedicated over half of his life to restoring and perfecting every detail. (Emanuel Osorio/Stagg Online)

This not only enhanced the overall experience for attendees but also offered valuable exposure and promotion opportunities for local vendors, including owner Maria Rodriguez, who runs Maria’s Tacos.

“It was a privilege being given the opportunity to promote my taco business to a whole new audience,” said Rodriguez. “Plus, being able to sell my homemade chamoy gummies on the side was a bonus. The event has already led to new customers and increased sales for both businesses.”

As the day came to a close and the engines fell silent, Aldava departed with memories of a day well spent and anticipation for next month’s event already building. “I had a good time, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone”.

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    Cathy lealApr 21, 2024 at 9:36 am

    This event is a great way to end a sometimes stressful week. You get to show off your cars and hang out with great people, I can’t wait till my car is completed.