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A New Era: Taylor Swift is Back with a Brand New Album

Taylor Swift, a pop culture icon, revealed the anticipated album all Swifties have been yearning for and it is finally coming. In just a few days, on April 19, the new album, titled “The Tortured Poets Department,” will be released. Swift has 10 albums, while this incoming one will be number 11. 

Swift announced her new album on February 4 on the Grammy Awards stage. This announcement was not expected from her fans. Taylor Swift is in the process of re-recording her albums to regain her ownership completely and fans speculated online about her releasing the re-recording of her album “Reputation.”

Taylor Swift announces her new album ¨The Tortured Poets Department ̈ on the Grammy Awards stage. This announcement comes after her 13th Grammy win.

Damien Arceo, a floriculture teacher at Stagg High, was among the fans speculating that she would announce the re-recording of her Reputation album. ¨I thought it was going to be Reputation (Taylor´s version) that was going to be announced,¨ Arceo also added that he was still very happy, saying ¨I’m excited for it.¨

There was some controversy on how she announced her new album. A Tweet was seen saying ¨Taylor Swift is the friend who announces her engagement at your wedding¨ It is not seen as a typical way in the music industry to announce an album at a big award show like the Grammys.

An X user expresses thoughts on Swift announcing the album at the Grammy´s. This is just one of many criticizing tweets.

 It was seen as not the place to announce as it wasn´t all of her fans in the crowd. ¨I think it’s okay for any artist to like, announce new music that they´re putting out because that’s kind of what the Grammys are for,¨ said Arceo Many fans did not seem to have an issue with it and defended Swift on social media.

Swift expressed her thought process at her concert in Tokyo the following week. On stage holding a microphone, Swift said,  ¨okay, so if I’m lucky enough to get up there and win one thing tonight, I’m just going to do it ̈. That is exactly what she did after winning Best Pop Vocal Album. It also happened to be her 13th Grammy, her lucky number, making it known to fans she was about to do something. 

Swift has announced multiple different versions of her new albums vinyl over the last couple of months. Each version has a bonus song not on the other vinyls. Swift has hinted at lyrics on her Instagram and the Taylor Nation´s Instagram making fans try to connect them to the song titles. 

Another fan of Taylor Swift at Stagg, Marisela Martinez, stated new songs are what she is most excited about. ¨I feel like I´ve been playing over the songs that I have that I like so I am ready for new songs,¨ Martinez said.

Swift is releasing “The Tortured Poets Department” with 4 number of different covers, each with their own unique bonus tracks. Swift posted this version on February 23 on Instagram. (Image from Taylor Swift on Instagram)

Swift´s songs just came back to TikTok after being taken off on January 31, due to her being under Universal Music Group along with many other artists. Fans woke up on April 11, to Swift´s music returning to the app except Debut and Reputation. This is just in time for her new album coming out on April 19th. 

This new album has created so much excitement and the wait is finally over. Fans can talk about their favorite songs and lyrics. Let’s join listening parties or watch reaction videos to share your excitement and thoughts. Martinez will be one of the first fans to listen following the release ¨Make sure to listen to Taylor Swift´s new album on April 19th.¨


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