ALBERTO VARGAS: Striving for college, parents pushing for job

Vargas_DONEHe works hard every day. Chores, homework, and many other tasks occupy his attention.

The little time he has for himself, he spends on his future. He prepares himself for college.

He wishes his parents could see how college could help him provide for them.

But, he says, they want an instant product from his high school education.

This is Alberto Vargas, a sophomore. His parents came to the United States in the early 1990s and he was born here.

He loves school and is an A-student. “I’ve just had a passion for learning all my life,” he said.

While his parents appreciate his love for learning, they want him to help support those who supported him. After Vargas finishes high school, they want him to apply for jobs rather than universities.

They wish they had gotten more than an eighth grade education, but they need him to work and help them through the hard times they are currently having.

As much as he wants to help them immediately, he knows that if he goes to college he can get a better job.

“I love my parents, but I also want to pursue my dreams.” He isn’t particular about what subject he likes the most, but he loves to write.


He enjoys putting even the most random thoughts to paper and letting the ideas flow.

He loves to write just about anything and mostly writes creatively. In this way, he expresses himself with great elaboration and accuracy.

Vargas wishes to pursue a higher education, though he hasn’t figured out which field or what college he wants to go to.

Day in and day out, he is thinking of this. It pushes him to try harder and reach new heights in the classroom.
The best example of this is in Honors World History, which is taught by Audrey Weir-Graham. He is determined to impress Weir-Graham.

He turns in excellent writing, takes immaculate notes, and always looks to improve in her classroom.

His parents expect nothing less, but they always try to instill in him the idea of getting a job.

He wants to defy them, but at the same time he doesn’t want to disrespect them by not adhering to their wishes.

He wants to strive toward the best education he can achieve, but the ghost of an idea of acquiring a job sits in the back of his mind.

He said this has happened several times and will most likely continue, but he doesn’t mind. “They’re my parents,” he said. “They are going to do what they will.”

Still, he stands unwavering. Vargas said he will continue to chase his dreams despite his parents’ desires, even though it pains him not to obey them.