Pet bird is a great companion for Lugo


Waking up to an ear-splitting screech for an alarm is a regular thing for office accountant Corene Lugo. This would sound horrible for some people, but for Lugo there is no better way to start the day.
She had been wanting a pet, but having a dog or a cat wouldn’t work because of her busy schedule. Most of the time so she couldn’t take the dog out for walk or play with it, and a cat wouldn’t work either since it takes time to clean the kitty litter.
Since her house isn’t big, she didn’t want a big maca. She wanted something small that could fill her with great joy, so a parrot it was.
Having her mind set on a parrot and a companion, Lugo walked into the pet store. While they didn’t have any parrots, they did have a cockatoo.
The cockatoo had been abandoned by a family at the store. “Let me see it,” Lugo said, and there it was a “cute” little 2 year old goffin cockatoo.
The bird flew to her, crawled from her finger to her shoulder, and rubbed its head over her cheek. The workers couldn’t believe it because the bird would bite all of them, so much so that they were about to give it to a bird sanctuary because he was so “mean.”
It was clear from that moment on to Lugo that this bird was the one for her and she was the one for the bird.
Now Kona, Lugo’s bird, knows when she is home just by the sound of her truck. He starts bouncing with excitement in his cage saying, “Mama! Mama!”
There isn’t a boring day with Lugo and Kona. Kona can fly around her house.
“His wings aren’t clipped, because I believe they were born with full wings, so they should keep their full wings.”
They play hide and go seek, where she does more of the hiding and he does the seeking.
He can do things on command like shake hands, go to her, and when she says “show me how pretty you are” Kona will open up his wings and show them off.
Because cockatoos can live up to 80 years, Lugo says that it will be a bird to pass down.
“If something were to happen to me, he is going to my daughter,” Lugo said. “If something then were to happen to my daughter, he would go to my granddaughter.”
So literally Lugo and Kona may be best friends for life.