Snowboarding Club prepares for trip to Tahoe

As April 16th slowly creeps around the corner, the snowboarding club preps by going over basic safety, snow etiqeitte and protocols.

Club poster that is present at events snowboarding clubs attend. (Shelby Cheek/StaggOnline)

One of Stagg’s more obscure clubs is Snowboarding Club. In this club, students get to go on snowboarding trips and shred the slopes.

 The club frequents Palisades Tahoe. With many members that regularly participate in club activities and go to Palisades, club advisor Ren Foshee preps by going over safety protocols and taking lessons into account.

“I send them videos to watch ahead of time. Like, what are protocols? What is etiquette? For example, when you go down the hill, you gotta make sure if you’re going to fall or something, you gotta yell. If students need a lesson and we don’t have that available, I can teach them. also other people that we work with can also teach them too.”

Palisades Tahoe is the resort Stagg High Schools snowboarding club is currently affiliated with. Palisades is the largest skiing complex in the Lake Tahoe region, and is known for its challenging terrain. It’s also recognized for being the host site for the 1960 Winter Olympics.

The club is usually busy doing fundraisers to cover fees for trips. Past events they have been at include trunk or treat and club rush, while a smaller yet just as successful  fundraiser they regularly do are candy grams for different holidays.

“The only planning that we do is just basically fundraise for our transportation fees.  The program pays for like, pretty much everything. We just have to pay for transportation.” Foshee says.

The way club members prepare is a little more individualized and they pack/prepare accordingly to their needs. Juliana Cardoza, club president, preps by organizing lists and has the wellbeing of the club on her mind. “I’m going to prepare by packing things in advance, saving up and creating a list to help and what not”

While many members are excited for the trip as a whole, Jisell Villa, senior and club secretary, looks forward to create and strengthen new and existing bonds with others “I am always thankful to have my friends in the club with me, it always makes our trips so much better and I also have the opportunity to talk to the others too and get closer to them,” Villa states.

Considering the beautiful weather up in Palisades in the month of April, these coming weeks are the perfect time to join the snowboarding club if someone was considering it, according to Foshee. Cardoza agrees and mentions new experiences and opportunities.

“Not many people at Stagg have probably snowboarded or skied, especially since we don’t have the snow and I feel like it’d be a great opportunity to try that”, Cardoza says.

The snowboarding club is always open to new members. Students can expect active meetings every Wednesday in R5 with a warm welcome. Those interested can participate in activities like these to gain new experiences and opportunities to see the snow.